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A Vintage Sink

Even though the original sink was authentic vintage, it was not in good shape. I considered salvaging it, but the removal process did even more damage. Eventually, I donated it to a charity thrift store.


I have been lucky, I’ve NEVER had to purchase a brand new sink for any of my flips. I’ve been lucky to score them at thrift stores or yard sales. Such was the case with this flip- I found a beautiful white cast iron sink on a local online yard sale site for $20!



I did have to purchase a few faucet, but I found a cheap vintage-inspired faucet. I love that it’s not fancy or industrial, it looks as if it could be authentic to the era of the home!


So for less tan $100, I have a “new” sink and faucet! Slowly but surely, the house is making progress!


3 thoughts on “A Vintage Sink

  1. Thanks for documenting this single step in remodeling the kitchen. Nothing is polished or staged. It is honest and affirming that you get down and dirty with your flipping job. I think the first house we ever bought was given a bad makeover before we saw it for thirty minutes. We were moving from one town to another, and had to make a decision that day. We loved the house because it was our first, but you wouldn’t believe some of the shortcuts we found later. There were huge gaps between the bricks and the frame of the garage door. We only found the gaps when the newspapers that had been stuffed in the gaps and heavily masked with thick white paint, disintegrated in the rain. The list of other bad fixes is long. That’s why I appreciate your honesty in using old or very inexpensive materials, but in doing the work with skill and integrity. Keep it up!

    1. I’m on my 3rd flip, and all of my flips are on a TIGHT budget. I take my time, I don’t have a crew, it’s just me. But I document every step- big and small- to show how I accomplish a quality flip on a shoe-string budget with every step!

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