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A $2 Mudroom Made From Junk


Flip #3 is the smallest of all of my flips. Square footage is at a premium here, so I have to be SO creative about storage. I love not only the look but the functionality of mud rooms. Storing shoes, umbrellas, bags, coats, etc. can actually be part of the design and not so much clutter. You may remember my $5 mudroom at Flip #2. I was so impressed with myself- I mean $5 for a mudroom? That’s hard to beat!

Even though I have a coat closet near the front door, I don’t have anything near the sunroom door or garage door, and those are the two doors I use a lot! I really wanted to cram in a mudroom somewhere…and cram is the right word. I finally had an epiphany using junk…leftover, broken junk. I had a broken bookshelf that I told you about in my last post. And when I did the kitchen layout change, I had a spare cabinet door. I clearly love to repurpose cabinet doors, and I had no idea what to do with this odd sized, skinny one, but it was the perfect accent to the mudroom!


I started by filling in holes and scratches with wood filler. Once it dried, I thoroughly sanded it. I still had some leftover Sigh paint from my Estate Sale Score.


I gave the door a few coats of paint. Once it dried, I used my laser level (which I LOVE) to find a straight line. I used my tape measure to mark even dimensions. The reason I did all of this to the door? I had four antique cabinet pulls I found while cleaning out my aunt’s estate. They were so shabby chic and unique, so I stored them until I found a project for them.


I evenly marked four holes in the door. I marked them with a pencil. Then I used my drill to drill the holes all the way through the door. I had a total of four, but, if you personalized this project, you could have less or more. If you’re looking for some antique, unique cabinet pulls, check out my vintage-inspired shop, Mac’s Attic.


I then added the cabinet pulls just like I was adding them to a cabinet drawer. I then added two picture hangers to the back of the cabinet door.


I purchased the book shelf at a yard sale for $2. The legs were missing, so it lost its original charm (like the Estate Sale Score one). I started by removing the metal leg brackets.


After they were removed, I sanded the top several times.All of the holes from the screws were filled with wood filler, and I then sanded again. Then it was ready to paint!


After I painted the book shelf, I actually FLIPPED it. To see what it is supposed to look like with the legs, check out my last post. Since I didn’t have the legs and the bottom was a flat surface, I knew it would make the perfect bench. So I just turned it upside down! The slats that were designed to hold books were actually perfect for holding my snow boots!


The $2 mudroom made from junk fit perfectly on the wall leading out to the garage. I literally had to cram it in there, but it doesn’t look crammed at all!


By turning in the cabinet door into a hanging rack, I’m able to store coats and bags without the space looking cluttered. I think creative storage elements are so important in smaller square footage spaces, and I think I mastered it with this mudroom!



12 thoughts on “A $2 Mudroom Made From Junk

  1. Ha Ha! I think I actually had that bookshelf originally! It came with my set of World Book Encyclopedias! Great repurpose!

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