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Estate Sale Score

My favorite way to spend a Saturday is going to an auction or estate sale. I love the randomness that you can find. I’m such a bargain shopper that it’s so fun to see what I can get for as cheap as possible.


I scored this book shelf for $8. Someone had done it a major injustice: an awful coat of black spray paint. The paint wasn’t even, it was scratched, and the legs didn’t even match. But it had potential, much like the houses I buy.


Using some leftover Valspar Sigh paint from Bachelorette Pad Flip #1 Master Bathroom, I gave this bookshelf a new life. Sigh looks white in certain lights and has just the slightest hint of blue in other lights.


I used leftover Provincial stain from my Pinterest Inspired Kitchen Addition to touch up the retro legs. I love those brass accents!


I don’t plan on keeping this piece. It will make its way to my flea market booth, but I ended up finding another one that is identical- but broken. I have GRAND plans for the broken book case…and it has nothing to do with books!



3 thoughts on “Estate Sale Score

    1. Hi Mary! On the bottom of my Hometalk post, there is a direct link to my post about the tiles. Within that post, I have a direct link to the company website. Hope that helps!

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