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New Countertops

The original countertops in Mac’s house were so dated. I mean, they were cute and retro, but worn. They needed a face-lift immediately! I had planned on solid surface in the kitchen, but sticker-shock and neighborhood comps nixed that idea. So I went with my ever-faithful Formica countertops. I use the same guy every time, and every time he does a great job.


The gold speckles had faded over the years. With over half a century of cooking and cleaning, these countertops had served their purpose!


The kitchen and three bathrooms had very similar countertops. White with gold veins and speckles. The laundry bathroom countertop was still in good shape since it wasn’t used as much. However, it was dated, so it had to go too!


I removed the original countertops myself. You may notice I didn’t use my SUPER EASY way of removing countertops. The reason, I was still fully planning on solid surface, so the wood would have to be removed for solid surface. It wasn’t until I got them totally removed that I changed my mind.

laundry room

I chose Bainbrook Grey with Glaze Finish. I liked it because it had a mixture of cream, gray, and tan. It matched the estate sale paint perfectly! My countertop guy did a slight back splash trimmed in metal. I love the metal trim because it has a retro hint to it!


I chose Formica’s Celesta for the kitchen. From afar, it looks gray, but up close I love the speckles which is reminiscent of the retro speckles. Even the speckles have teal accents which I love. I plan to accent the kitchen and living room with teal.


With the kitchen layout change, painted cabinets, new appliances, new hardwood floors, and now new countertops, it looks totally different than the day I bought it!


I love this airy, open “new” kitchen! It’s hard to think I kept the same cabinets and just added paint and countertops!



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