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Modern Retro Appliances

It’s no secret, I’ve had a love affair with retro appliances for a while. Sadly, they’ve always been way out of my price range. But with Flip #3, I am going with a very specific retro style. After doing some scouring, I discovered retro inspired appliances without the large price tag!


The original dishwasher was one Mac bought second hand. It had been WELL loved. I was able to donate it. The stove was loved even more. Mac loved cooking on her stove!


Once I had the old appliances gone, it was time to bring in the new! General Electric has started making a vintage inspired series, the Artistry Series. For retro inspired appliances, they are very reasonably priced.


The dishwasher is sleek and the handle is reminiscent of retro design. It is quiet, energy efficient and has rave reviews on price and quality!


After doing my homework and thoroughly reading reviews, I purchased these through Lowe’s. They are a special order, so slightly more than I typically spend on a flip; however, I think these are the perfect accent to a retro kitchen.


My favorite of the trio is the stove. I mean look at that clock! So retro and clean. I love it! I wanted to order the over the range microwave; however, my cabinets are spaced abnormally far apart, so the microwave wouldn’t fit.


Since I couldn’t purchase the GE microwave, I got really lucky and found a range hood at a thrift store for $4! And it works great!


Now that I have my kitchen stocked with appliances, maybe I can finally make a meal?!


5 thoughts on “Modern Retro Appliances

  1. Do u have some ideas I can do to (diy) a living rm /dining rm ,so that it has character. I m using a soft grey paint for both rm.s,intending to use picture frames ,just about 5″” from baseboard. s while painting them (here’s the tricky part ) either same colour -grey …orrr…white same as baseboards.
    What is ur take of the idea ?

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