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A $2 Mudroom Made From Junk

Flip #3 is the smallest of all of my flips. Square footage is at a premium here, so I have to be SO creative about storage. I love not only the look but the functionality of mud rooms. Storing shoes, umbrellas, bags, coats, etc. can actually be part of the design and not so much… Continue reading A $2 Mudroom Made From Junk

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New Countertops

The original countertops in Mac’s house were so dated. I mean, they were cute and retro, but worn. They needed a face-lift immediately! I had planned on solid surface in the kitchen, but sticker-shock and neighborhood comps nixed that idea. So I went with my ever-faithful Formica countertops. I use the same guy every time,… Continue reading New Countertops

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Throwback Before & Afters: Flip 1

Since I started this blog after I bought, flipped, and sold Flip #1, I didn’t really progress most of the projects like I have on my last two flips. I’ve had some people ask for some better before and after pics of that flip. It’s always fun for me to go down memory lane on… Continue reading Throwback Before & Afters: Flip 1

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Modern Retro Appliances

It’s no secret, I’ve had a love affair with retro appliances for a while. Sadly, they’ve always been way out of my price range. But with Flip #3, I am going with a very specific retro style. After doing some scouring, I discovered retro inspired appliances without the large price tag! The original dishwasher was… Continue reading Modern Retro Appliances

DIY Projects · Flip #3

The $1 Cabinet Tray

Some of my favorite projects and home decor are things that create unexpected design. I love to walk the aisles of thrift stores or estate sales and scour things I can repurpose. My latest find: a $1 cabinet door. This cabinet door was solid wood and in great shape. This shaker style had no cabinet… Continue reading The $1 Cabinet Tray