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Creative DIY Kitchen Storage Idea

After giving my cabinets a face-lift, I decided to add a little additional creative storage. Unlike my Pinterest Inspired storage from Flip #2, I wanted to do something a lot easier! While I do have several cabinets, I wanted something unique and eye-catching that is not only functional but one-of-a-kind. Since the whole purpose of my flip is to sell for a profit, I want little accents that aren’t found in other comps.

And I found just that. For $2. $2!!! Gosh, I love thrift stores.


I found a metal bicycle basket at a local thrift store dive. As soon as I saw it, I instantly knew it had another purpose! The first task was to unscrew it so that it was no longer one piece.


Once all the brackets were unscrewed, I had two single metal baskets. I love the industrial, vintage vibe of them, and I knew they’d make perfect cookbook holders!


I keep a bag of leftover screws and nails from projects, and I found two perfect-sized screws. Using my drill, I created two small pilot holes in the side of a my cabinet. Since the edge of cabinet is just blank wood (wasted space), it actually created the perfect canvas for additional storage.

Luckily, the back of the basket had a built in bracket. The screws easily slid between the middle of the bracket. I made sure to select a screw that had a head big enough to overlap the bracket to keep it secure. Once I had the two screws in the cabinet, the work was done!


I gathered some of my fun, vintage cookbooks and slid them in the basket. Since I’m designing the kitchen in a retro vibe, I wanted a way to display my vintage cookbooks without them looking like clutter!


For $2 and just 5 minutes, I transformed wasted space into additional storage and display! I love how the basket looks, and now I can easily access my cookbooks when needed.


If you didn’t want to store cookbooks in your basket, it would also make cute storage for utensils like rolling pins.

Since I have two baskets, I think another creative spot to add one of these baskets would be in the bathroom. Either above the toilet, side of the cabinet, or on the wall for storage of magazines, toilet paper, etc.



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