Flip #3

Seeing Blue.

Mac’s room lacked all kinds of character and charm. Those once-pristine white walls had turned brown with dirt and grime. As I’ve always said, though, give something a coat of paint, and it’ll dramatically change it. Such was the case of Mac’s room.

Flip 3 Grandma's Bedroom 002

The years of wear showed. I wouldn’t say neglect, because Mac tried. In her older years I don’t think she could see dirt on the walls.

Flip 3 Grandma's Bedroom 004

The room is quaint and small, but I think it’s cozy. The room is an odd shape…not a regular square shaped room.

Flip 3 Grandma's Bedroom 005

I love blue in a bedroom. So far, every flip has had a blue master bedroom. I just think it’s so calming and an easy neutral. I wanted to try out a different blue than I had used in the past, so I chose Sherwin Williams’ Crystal Stream. It’s a subtle blue.

Flip 3 Grandma's Bedroom 020

Choosing Crystal Stream wasn’t easy. I think I went through every shade of blue that exists. I didn’t want country blue or dark blue, just something with a hint of calming blue.

Flip 3 Grandma's Bedroom 026

I chose a paint and primer mix since the walls had stains, dirt, and overall wear and tear. The paint really covered all of that!

Flip 3 Grandma's Bedroom 025

I hate…HAAAATE to paint. I keep saying I’m going to hire it done, but then I get cheap and do it myself. So, I spent an afternoon trimming and painting. I did two full coats and slight touching up.

macs room2

Even though I deeply hate painting, I forget all that hatred when I see the finished product. With the dark warm floors, this light, airy blue is perfect. The years of dirt have disappeared!

macs room

The floor trim is pretty battered and filthy (mixture of dirt and stain form the floors). Eventually I’ll hire my paint to touch up all the trim. I’m going to tackle the doors by myself though.


It just a couple weeks, this room was transformed from head to toe. I’m in love with this new blue I discovered, and I can definitely see myself using it in other flips.

macs room4

Once the staging is complete, this room will be so cozy and relaxing. The new windows really let the natural light shine and those clean walls make this look like a brand new room!



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