DIY Projects · Flip #3

Creative DIY Kitchen Storage Idea

After giving my cabinets a face-lift, I decided to add a little additional creative storage. Unlike my Pinterest Inspired storage from Flip #2, I wanted to do something a lot easier! While I do have several cabinets, I wanted something unique and eye-catching that is not only functional but one-of-a-kind. Since the whole purpose of… Continue reading Creative DIY Kitchen Storage Idea

Flip #3

Shiny New Windows

Flip #3 had old windows. Old cheap, energy-sucking windows. They had to go…immediately. Not just for curb appeal, but since it’s an older home, I want to improve the energy efficiency. I do not use chain window companies because in all of my flips, they have been astronomical and unprofessional. So, I use a local… Continue reading Shiny New Windows

Flip #3

The Beginning Stages of Curb Appeal

Flip #2 had a dramatic change in curb appeal. And this flip was needed a dramatic change as well. Since forever, Mac had large shrubs lining the driveway. As she got older, we appreciated those as she came barreling into the driveway. We thought of them as “cushions” for her! Over the years, some of… Continue reading The Beginning Stages of Curb Appeal

Flip #3

Seeing Blue.

Mac’s room lacked all kinds of character and charm. Those once-pristine white walls had turned brown with dirt and grime. As I’ve always said, though, give something a coat of paint, and it’ll dramatically change it. Such was the case of Mac’s room. The years of wear showed. I wouldn’t say neglect, because Mac tried.… Continue reading Seeing Blue.