Flip #3

The Perfect Mailbox for a Bachelorette Pad

One of the old-school, quaint things I love about Mac’s neighborhood is that there are no street side mailboxes. Instead, they are all door side. The mailman actually comes up to the door and delivers mail. This is extremely significant to the Bachelorette Pad because my uncle was a mailman in this neighborhood. As kids, when we’d stay with Grandma during the summers, EVERY.SINGLE.DAY she made a huge, Southern spread for my uncle. He would deliver the mail and stop for lunch at Mac’s. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he was assigned his own mom’s neighborhood to deliver mail.

Flip 3 Grandma's House 044

Several years ago, for some reason I do not remember, something happened to her mailbox. At that point, my uncle rigged a contraption of a street side mailbox in a plastic bucket for Mac’s mailbox. And that’s been her mailbox ever since. Needless to say, it did NOT enhance curb appeal. I had been scouring estate sales, flea markets, and thrift stores for the perfect, retro mailbox. And then I struck gold!

While perusing the aisle of a flea market, my sister discovered not only a retro mailbox, but so perfect for a Bachelorette. For $12, I was the proud owner of a vintage mailbox, which my mailman uncle hung for me.


With this house, I’m taking more design risks. I always do my flips in neutrals and slight trends that appeal to the mass public. With this house, I’m sticking with the 1964 retro area and incorporating a lot of modern retro elements. Prime example, the mailbox. It’s a great statement piece, and it adds so much character to a boring mailbox. The flowers were already added, but I just leave them!




2 thoughts on “The Perfect Mailbox for a Bachelorette Pad

  1. Your uncle probably “bid” for that route. Seniority rules for those employees who want an open route.

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