Flip #3

Estate Sale Paint

A gallon of paint at Lowe’s runs around $40. When you buy multiple gallons of paint, that can add up and your budget can take a hit. I have learned to scour the clearance paint section at Lowe’s. If paint is returned, they will dramatically discount it and sell it. Last week I saw a 5 gallon bucket for less than $40. That’s a steal!

Mac’s house had all white walls. Mac did NOT like paint on the walls, so, admittedly, Mac wouldn’t approve of painted walls. However, I think the paint on the walls really brings life and character to spaces. I had originally planned to paint the guestroom and laundry/bath combo my staple, Rockport Gray. But then I discovered an estate sale. And I ditched the whole Rockport Gray idea.

Flip 3 Grandpa's Bedroom 002

Even with the white walls, the guest room (Grandpa’s Room) was so dark. The super dated, dark carpet didn’t help. But what sentimental thing to see scraps of fabric and string in that carpet…the result of decades of quilting by Mac.

Flip 3 Grandpa's Bedroom 003

Growing up, there were two twin beds in Grandpa’s room. At some point, and I don’t really remember when, Grandma borrowed Mom and Dad’s very first bed for that room. I didn’t really like the arrangement of the bed because as soon as you opened the door, you were at the bed. It constricted the size of the room.

Flip 3 Grandpa's Bedroom 004

I love the sliding closet doors because of practicality. The rooms aren’t large- an icon of that era. So when a door opens into a space, it limits the usable space. By having sliding doors, it helps to create more usable space. The doors were actually the same color as the original floors. My eventually plan is to paint those.

While at an estate sale, I found two unopened gallons of paint from Lowe’s for $2 each. I didn’t LOVE the color, but I thought it was a good neutral. And for $4? I could fall in love with it.


The color is Valspar’s Faint Maple. Before I used them, I took them to Lowe’s and ask for them to be shook. Since they were unopened and had the Lowe’s sticker, they’ll do that at no cost.


Even though the color is slightly darker than I like, my decor is all white. All white furniture, curtains, and then bright accents.

The original laundry/bath needed some TLC. The cabinets are dirty, as well as the white walls.


I forgot to take after-painting pics. Too many projects going on! But I did snap a mid-process pic.


Now that I have two rooms painted, I can tackle my 10 million other projects!



7 thoughts on “Estate Sale Paint

  1. FYI $40/gallon for paint is WAY OVER PRICED, we use Conco @ Menards, the same as Sherwin Williams about $16/Gallon, or $74/5 gal. it has been a great product, have used it on 15 flips, 6 rentals and my personal house, worth a look.

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