Flip #3

Operation Open Concept

You know the thing with 1964 ranch houses? They are NOT open concept…in any way, shape, or form. They do have cramped, segregated rooms, however. But since the average buyer today is not looking for cramped or segregated, Operation Open Concept began.


Between the kitchen and living area there was a long dividing wall. It really made both spaces feel extremely small. Plus, if you are cooking, there is no way you can see the TV (or your kids) in the living room. The modern buyer wants both of those.


My plan was to create an open concept layout and, therefore, creating the illusion of larger rooms. Fortunately, this wall was not load bearing. If you do plan on ripping out walls, always get a licensed contractor to confirm if they’re load bearing or not.


I hired a contractor for this job. He removed all of the sheetrock (and eventually the boards). The most expensive part of this project was purchasing the TWO beams to act as a header. I think they were around $150. Once he got the beams up, he framed out the wall. Luckily, my parents had some leftover sheetrock from another project, so I didn’t have to purchase any.

Once that wall was removed, the eye-shot of the room increased dramatically. It’s now possible to stand at the front door and see all the way out to the backyard. The rooms look so much larger now!


Once he had the wall framed out, he added all the trim pieces and textured the sheetrock. Total cost for this project (parts and labor): around $600….and TOTALLY worth it!


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