Mac’s Attic

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you have discovered I love to find old, junky things and refurbish them or reinvent them to give them new life. Each flip has been so different, and each house had its own soul that needed reflected in the decor. Finding junk on the side of the road,  painting it, and giving it a new, unexpected life is really enjoyable to me. And I guess that’s why I flip houses…I take the ugly, overlooked house, and I see potential. I think to myself “If I just tear out that wall…” or “Rip out this carpet to make a huge impact.”

In a new venture in this house-flipping, junk-loving business, I am opening an online and travel boutique, Mac’s Attic. Inspired by my sweet Mac and her vintage decor, I want to offer vintage-inspired pieces, throwback character, and eclectic decor. Whether it’s a light fixture for your patio, hanging sign for your kitchen, or a cozy smelling candle, I want you to feel the charm of eras gone by in whatever place you call home.

Be Grateful.jpg

Whether you’re in Idaho, New Hampshire, Florida or any place in between, this online boutique is for you. Conveniently shop from the comfort of your home or mobile device. Fall in love with unique items that express you. Coming March 2016 is the grand opening of Mac’s Attic. In the meantime, please hop over to our Instagram page, @macsattic and like and share the post…and stay tuned for our grand opening giveaway! Our Facebook and website will be up and running shortly. I’d love to have your support, and I’d love to help fill your home with vintage charm.


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