Flip #3

Kitchen Layout Change

The kitchen in flip #3 was segregated from the living area with the classic peninsula cabinet layout. The long peninsula bar really obstructed the footprint of the kitchen, and I wanted the kitchen to appear larger than the current cabinet layout. The problem, however, was that I planned to keep the kitchen cabinets. While they were dirty and covered in grease from Mac’s meals, they had potential.


The U-shape countertop is a dated design. In addition, the long peninsula also had a lower level eating countertop. I preferred a more open concept that is conducive with a family and guests.


So, one night I had a date with a sledgehammer. After one hour, the footprint of the kitchen cabinets had drastically changed.

11891161_10101747154340697_3419460729177822489_nIn every flip, my favorite part is destruction. I LOVE a sledgehammer in my hand releasing all my stress. It’s extremely therapeutic, and it usually makes a dramatic impact. For this particular project, I removed all drawers and doors to be reused. Once the cabinet was just a shell, I began by removing the countertop which requires beating up with a sledgehammer. It easily popped off, and then I attacked the wood cabinet.

11866330_10101747275343207_565336874630660041_nOnce the cabinet was removed, I hauled off all of the scraps. The benefit of the peninsula, however, was storage. Since Mac’s house is smaller, storage is at a premium. I didn’t want to remove the large cabinet at the sake of storage, especially in the kitchen. So I hired a local cabinet maker to make an identical cabinet shell, but re-use the original cabinet fronts and doors. For less than $400, he created an identical one. I had the new cabinet installed along the wall to create a new L-shaped countertop, rather than the obstructive U-shape.


Obviously the new cabinet had a different color because it was freshly sanded, and the cabinet maker sanded the original doors and fronts. I requested this because my eventual plan is to paint the cabinets.

Now that the cabinet footprint has dramatically changed, the kitchen is extremely open. There is now room for my unique kitchen island (stay tuned!).




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