Flip #3

A Window Alternative

As with my last flip, the windows at Mac’s were original to the house. The cheap, metal windows offer absolutely no energy efficiency. In addition to the main house, the sunroom was lined with inefficient windows, and one even had a large hole in it (probably from a rock). My eventual plan was to replace them with new windows. My home insurance company had other plans.Flip 3 Grandma's House 028

In a case of Catch 22, my insurance company was not willing to issue insurance (a pre-requirement to closing) without the broken window being replaced. I tried to explain that I did not own the house because I had not closed on the house because THEY wouldn’t issue insurance. I explained once I own the property, I would repair the window. We went round and round. Obviously, this issue is unique because it would require the seller to repair the window in order to sell. However, this was an estate sale and my relatives weren’t doing any repairs. So the insurance company and I went round and round. And round.


Because the closing process on Mac’s was such a nightmare anyway (due to closing prior to completion of probate), I just wanted it closed…regardless of what it took. Had the seller of the house been anyone else besides family, I would have renegotiated the terms of the contract to repair the window. In true everything-goes-wrong fashion, the window sizes in the sunroom are unique (which is code for expensive). Since they weren’t standard size and there were several windows, the cost to replace just the windows in the sunroom was almost the same as to replace ALL the windows in the house structure. That would blow my budget considerably. Which prompted plan B.


I decided to rip out the windows (which I was able to donate to Habitat for Humanity) and create a screen in porch. The wood casings were replaced with cedar and windows were replaced with screens. It was an immediate fix, but, certainly, not the fix I wanted. I was really hoping to use this as a sunroom and duct it for heat/AC to increase my square footage. But, as with all my flips, I tend to expect the unexpected and force myself to go with the flow.


I haven’t decided if I plan to paint or stain the cedar. I may stain them in a true, red cedar. The sunroom, unfortunately, was in terrible shape due to leaks and other issues. Honestly, the sunroom was on the very back burner of projects, but, thanks to my insurance company, at least one project moved to the front burner a lot sooner than expected.

The ballpark cost to remove and replace the windows with screens was around $300ish with parts and labor.  And for $300, I was finally able to close on Mac’s house.


11 thoughts on “A Window Alternative

  1. Please forgive me! I’m an elderly woman trying to be too cool and familiar. I love your posts, and really enjoy your window alternatives. I just wondered if you had flipped any more house’s or had other active projects. I am sorry if I offended you with my deceased remark. It was intended to be a joke. It failed. Please keep me on your mailing list and I will make sure any other remarks directly address your projects.
    Sincerely apologetic,
    Jewell Martin

    1. Miss Jewell- Thank you for responding & for clarifying. I understand that often times tone isn’t clarified electronically, so I didn’t get the tone of your comment. I’m glad to have you as a reader and welcome your thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and respond so respectfully.

  2. Changing Windows for screens would be going backwards for most people. You, however, will be able to work your magic on this sunroom when the time comes. Dealing with insurance companies, and many other agencies, can make you want to forget the whole thing. I am glad you persevered.

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