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DIY Home Security System

As a Bachelorette, home safety is extremely important to me. While I can’t afford a Brinks system just yet, I wanted to have an extra sense of security in my home. There are so many options out there, but I was just wanting a temporary fix since I am now selling the Bachelorette Pad. The Doberman window/door alarm kit won me over for several reasons- it was extremely inexpensive, easy enough to install that I could do it myself, and temporary (I can take to my new place!). For $10 (on Ebay with free shipping), I received four alarms (with the batteries). In less than 10 minutes, I had them all installed. Installation is as easy as putting a sticker on something.


I situated all of my alarms on the tops of the doors instead of the door facing on the side. The reason I did that was because all of my trim has a curve to it which wouldn’t allow the alarm to adhere securely. I removed the paper and securely stuck the alarm and magnet separately. Each alarm has an on/off alarm. I keep my off during the day or if I have company over. Turning the alarm on is quite easy- just sliding the switching to the on position.


They can be used on doors and windows, but I put all of mine on doors. The alarm sound is a continuous (annoying!) beeping that is loud enough to wake you in your sleep.


These alarms are a great alternative if you’re renting because no permanent installation/damage is done in the process. If you’re in an apartment and wanting to feel a little safer, for $10 you can easily add that security and remove them when you move out.


If I ever get to a Bachelorette Pad that I plan to stay in permanently, I may invest in more comprehensive alarm system. But for now, I’m happy with my $10 DIY home security system!


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