Scentsy vs. Yankee

Since the time I learned how to (safely) light a match, I had candles burning in just about every room in my parents’ house. My dad finally had to put a limit on the number of candles due to safety reasons and the scents I used due to headaches. Every holiday and birthday, I know I am getting a candle of some sort. While I know that Scentsy is all the rage, I’ve never fully jumped on that bandwagon, primarily due to cost. My mom is retired and for a few years she had a fun holiday job with a friend at our local Yankee Candle store. Through that, I became pretty hooked on the Yankee bandwagon. As the candle industry progressed, lit wicks no longer became a requirement for making a room smell great.

While I haven’t fully jumped on the Scentsy bandwagon, I do have Scentsy products which I enjoy. I received the Razorback burner as a hostess gift, and it goes great with my office bedroom.


For safety reasons, I love the burner concept. I can’t tell you how many lectures I received as a kid from Dad because I left candles burning. Obviously, I love the Razorback logo and I like things that are team personalized like that. However, if you’re comparing solely based on price, the Yankee Razorback candle is a much better deal, especially if you purchase now. They are about to redesign the logo of the Razorback candle, so they’re $7 right now! I bought several recently to keep and to give as gifts.

photo-996 From the wax standpoint, I have definitely found some Scentsy bars that I love. My favorite is Lucky in Love. However, I’m so frugal that I hate paying $5 for one bar. I have found several partial bars at thrift stores and estate sales. That’s how my collection has grown; I’ve never paid full price because I’m so cheap.


But again, if you’re comparing based upon price, the Yankee bars are much cheaper. They’re shaped differently, but last for a long time. Each bar is less than $2 and usually on sale (BOGO style).


I know that Scentsy has several various styles of burners. When most warmers are around $35, I can’t bring myself to pay that. The great thing about Yankee is that they have numerous styles too (and even bring in several holiday themed burners) and they are cheaper, most expensive being $25. The Yankee burners are cheaper, but one could easily switch between Yankee bars or Scentsy bars if you have both.


I purchased a new burner this week for my classroom. Several teachers I know are also Scentsy consultants which means their classrooms always smell different. For the past few years, I have been using Yankee’s plug-in scents in my classroom. They can fill an entire room, but if you’re wanting an immediate scent (ex: sweaty, stinky football boys in your classroom), the burner is a better option. I purchased a simple, classic burner. If you’re looking for a continuous aroma, the plug-ins are a great option. A tip if you’re selling your house, use warm aroma plug-ins in each room so your room is always filled with an aroma. You don’t have to remember to switch it on. They also have numerous holiday and decor themed plug-in covers.


I still plan to use those plug-ins, but I will be adding the warmer to my classroom for when the stinky football players come in from the gym or football field! There were so many cute burners, but I opted for classic white.


While I was shopping at Yankee recently, I discovered some really innovative and cool products. They are now making candle lamps! Who knew? The lamps are so modern and cute. They have an actual candle in that lampshade!


They also have some really cute candle holders that have a modern and clean design. If you’re still using burning candles (I am!), these cute holders add a pop of design to your candles.


One of the primary reasons that I am Team Yankee is due to cost. Not only are the prices cheaper, they mail out coupons on a very regular basis. They also have weekly sales. Those coupons and sales, combined with the cheaper prices, makes Yankee a reasonable choice. For example, on my last trip to Yankee, I purchased 7 of the Razorback candles, 6 car scents, and 8 melts. I had a coupon which made my total for all 21 items $31.12. I saved $117.40. It’s next to impossible to pay retail when shopping at Yankee if you sign up for their emails, look for coupons online and even ask the sales associates what coupons are available. They will often give you a coupon.

By stocking up when the coupons are available, you can get quick & inexpensive gifts for coworkers or Secret Santas. I know I have an entire closet of candles, bars, and such just waiting to be used and given as gifts!


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