Flip #2

Behind the Scenes

If there’s one thing I can guarantee about house flipping, there WILL BE a mess! Actually, most of the time the house will be in complete disarray. I just have to tell myself in those moments “It’ll be worth it at closing!” But before that closing, it can be frustrating, annoying, and messy. And I HATE messy which is ironic since I live in houses while I flip them.


Like the time I had the shower reglazed to look brand new, but I had to leave newspaper roll taped to my walls for a couple of days. Not to mention the mess everywhere else in that room!


When I had the new countertops installed in the laundry room, I had the hole cut for the sink. Then I found a thrifted sink. And it sat like this for MONTHS. No drain at all. It wasn’t even hooked up. I had to catch myself more than once from pouring something down the drain.


Have you ever tried to wash your hands or brush your teeth beneath an open hole in the ceiling? Even better, brushing your teeth while loose insulation fell on the countertop? Or even better than that, with electrical wires hanging inches from your face? If you haven’t, you have not enjoyed the behind-the-scenes of house flipping! I took a sledgehammer to this in hopes of removing it and quickly discovered it was not a good idea. Unfortunately, it stayed like this for several, several months!


Up until the last two months, my kitchen looked just like this. I hated it! It’s hard to get excited about preparing meals when you’re working in an incomplete kitchen. Not to mention, I get to give the explanation to company when they visit- “Excuse the chaotic mess!”


For almost all of the two years I lived at Bachelorette Pad #1 this is what the guest bathroom looked like. I had ripped up the carpet and the wood subfloors remained. My ONLY floors for most of two years were dusty, wooden subfloors. Literally, this bathroom was not transformed until the last minute. My guests had to move tools off the countertop and dodge nails while they used the restroom!


While I was having Bachelorette Pad #1 professionally painted, the only piece of furniture I had in the house had to be completely wrapped and sealed. It stayed like this for a couple of days, so when I needed to sleep, I had to pull away a small hole and then tape back up the next morning. I never thought I’d have to climb into a cocoon in the house flipping process!


There was nothing welcoming about the living room in Bachelorette Pad #1 for the majority of the time I lived there. It became the hub for tools. After a long day at work, I wanted to come home and relax on the couch and watch TV. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a couch, I didn’t have cable, and I didn’t have any place to relax. Those were the hard times of house flipping where I felt so frazzled and exhausted that I didn’t know if it would ever be worth it! But it was worth it at closing!


And just when you get the whole place done and staged, it’s time to box it all up and move on to the next flip!


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