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A Planting Tip

In my series about curb appeal, I mentioned how important plants are to curb appeal. One of the plants that I purchased was a bright red geranium. It had some pretty red blooms on it when I brought it home. I quickly replanted it in a new pot and sat it in the sun. And watched it grow. And grow. And never bloom. It looked as healthy as could be- it even had several buds but never any blooms. I was highly perplexed. So I turned to my friend Google. While I knew that geraniums craved sunlight all day, I learned that they are quite picky about the sunlight they crave. I had the pot setting in my front yard which receives northern sun all day. Google informed me that they crave southern sun, so I moved the pot to the side of my yard in a small flower bed. It would receive a full day’s worth of southwestern sun. Within one week, my geranium went from a plain green plant to this:

photo 2-4


It’s amazing how a different type of sun can make a huge difference in just a week. I’ve continued to water and treat as normally, and the change in sun has made all the change.

photo 1-4

Unfortunately, I haven’t had as good of luck with my hydrangeas. Last year (before I had even closed on the Bachelorette Pad), I discovered a beautiful blue/purple hydrangea bush in the front yard. It obviously had not received any care for the last 2+ years since the house had been a foreclosure. Since closing, I did a major overhaul clearing out landscaping. I didn’t touch the hydrangeas, but I cleared out all the scrub plants, pulled weeds, and added mulch. Since all of my hard work over the last year, I have not had one bloom on my hydrangea. It’s just a green plant. Again, I’m perplexed because without receiving any care it bloomed beautifully, and I’ve watered and cleared around it and it won’t bloom. Unfortunately, Google was no help with this issue, so I’d be happy to hear your tips!

photo 3-3


2 thoughts on “A Planting Tip

  1. Check soil chemistry. Also if it’s receiving drastically different light conditions you may have to move them or plant something to compensate for that.

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