Flip #2

The Succulent Trend

If you’ve been on Pinterest for more than five minutes, you’ve must have noticed the succulent trend. I keep hearing over and over that they are indestructible, easy, low-maintenance. I admit, I have a black thumb. I can’t keep plants alive to save my life. So when I hear that you can’t kill a plant, well, that’s my plant language. I did as much Pinterest perusing as I could so that I could do my best to not kill succulents. I gathered a thrift store pot, a clearance one from Lowe’s, and some clearance aisle succulents and I got to work.



I followed the directions of layering when planting. I used some old lava rock from my flower beds and filled the bottoms of the containers. I wasn’t really sure how much to use, so I have no idea if I did it right. I guess time will tell.



I bought some potting soil from Lowe’s. I’m sure there is a specific succulent potting soil, but I just bought a regular bag. If the succulents die (knowing my luck, they will), I will still have potting soil for future projects. I scattered the soil over the rocks before adding the succulents.



Then I just planted the succulents just like any other potted plant. I wasn’t sure how much soil to add, so I just guessed. Again, time will tell me if I messed up. For the bigger pot, I bought a larger succulent plant. Pinterest said it’s an indoor plant “you just can’t kill.” Challenge accepted.



I also used some vintage tin cans from an estate sale to use as planters too. I love how vintage looking they are, and I added those planted succulents in the laundry room. My laundry room gets lots of lot which seems to be a requirement for succulents. The others I placed in the sunroom.





I’m hoping I can keep these plants alive. I love how they look, and I love succulents add some greenery indoors. If I can keep these alive, I might just invest in some more. Do you have any succulent care tips?



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