Flip #2

Master Bedroom Staging

You’ve seen the Office staging and Guest Room staging, but I realized I haven’t shown a complete Master Bedroom staging. The Master Bedroom is enormous! Since I only have a full size bed, it seems even bigger! Someone could easily fit a king size bed in that room and still have tons of room. I am hoping that helps to sell the house.


It took months to peel off all the ugly wallpaper. In hind sight, I wish I would have just painted over the wallpaper. It was a pain peeling off that paper. I guess they used super glue to adhere it. Once the wallpaper was removed, it left green stained paneling with glue residue all over it. I then spent several days hand sanding the paneling. I was REALLY wishing I had left the wallpaper at that point. Once I did all of that, I had to prime the paneling. One thing I’ve learned from this flip, I will NEVER paint paneling again. It was a massive headache!


If you recall, I completed the paint using leftover paint. Then my room just sat there without any decor. It took me awhile to figure out how to decorate. Finding the two thrifted end tables really gave me inspiration for the decor. I also found a TV stand on an online yard sale site. The rest of the decor was previously thrifted items I’ve had for a long time.


I love the calming blue on the walls. I’ve never had blue walls in a bedroom, but I love it. I chose to accent with a goldish taupe and gray. I normally wouldn’t pair those two colors together, but I love them. I found the curtain panels on clearance at T.J. Maxx and purchased four for less than $20. I also found the two gray Euro pillows on clearance for $16 each, as well as the blue, gray, and white floral pillows (they were the most expensive of them all at $25 each). I made the polka-dot pillow, and the polkadot fringed bedspread I found at a thrift store for $2. I had a gray dust ruffle that I had purchased at Walmart years ago. The tan accent bedspread was a gift several years ago. The gold shaded faux Pottery Barn lamp was a thrifted items I’ve had for years. You can also see my $1 artwork on the wall.


Like I mentioned, the bedroom is enormous! The other side of the room has plenty of room for a sitting area and entertainment area. I used my $40 thrifted table and accented with decor I’ve had forever. The gray and white chevron accent chair was a flea market find for Bachelorette Pad #1. I found the two gold frames on the wall at a thrift store for less than a $1. I repainted the tin wall hanging with gray primer paint.


They were a dark brown color, and I used to love them. However, I’ve had these wall hangings for years and they’ve been used in every house, so I was ready to give them a fresh look. I opted to use gray primer paint instead of just gray paint. The primer has a more dull, matted finish which I liked.


This art cost less than $4 since I used leftover decor, thrifted frames, and a can of primer spray paint.

One of my very favorite things is to find junk..stuff people don’t like, don’t want because it’s ugly. It’s fun turning things that are ugly into something beautiful- whether it’s a house or a side table. It creates character in decor and saves money!


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