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Curb Appeal Continued: Staging the Exterior

I have done several posts regarding curb appeal, and I’ve done a post regarding staging an interior of a house. Today, I’m combining those two things with tips for staging the exterior. I would venture to say most people don’t even consider staging the exterior; however, the exterior can be an extended living space but you must portray that to your potential buyers. Don’t allow a concrete slab in front of your house to welcome buyers. It’s concrete- not welcoming. It’s up to you to transform that concrete slab into an extended living area that begs your buyers to fall in love. As we all know, nothing about the exterior (or interior) of the Bachelorette Pad was appealing. Nothing.


There was ugly, faded, and rotting indoor/outdoor green carpet on the front porch. I peeled it off and then did an acid wash on the concrete to remove all the glue residue. But even with a freshly cleaned concrete, it was not welcoming. I want my buyers to imagine taking a rest at the end of the day with a glass of lemonade and just enjoying their space. I purchased two plastic patio chairs at Lowe’s for $17 each. I found a cute metal patio table in my parents’ barn and gave it a coat of spray paint with some leftover paint. I found an old metal egg basket in the attic of the Bachelorette Pad and wanted to use it to decorate.


I found a bright red geranium at Lowe’s and potted it in one of my red pots. I placed the pot in the old egg basket. I used some blue patio pillows I purchased last year at a yard sale to create a more comfortable look in the chairs.


With the DIY shutters, the sitting area looks so cozy. However, the front porch doesn’t stop there. It extends on the other side of the door. I didn’t want to just leave an awkward space on the other side of the door. I thought about adding a bench there, but I didn’t have one and couldn’t find a cheap one on Craig’s List. I did find a hanging basket holder on clearance at Lowe’s though.


I purchased the most beautiful hanging basket at Lowe’s and a Razorback statue at Walmart. Since I planned to list the Bachelorette Pad around the 4th of July, I used the red/white/blue scheme. I wanted the house to scream American Dream. In addition, I also found a $5 patriotic patio mat. I mentioned in my curb appeal post that a new, clean patio mat is essential in creating curb appeal. I love that I only paid $5 and it aligned with my theme of the front porch.


The Bachelorette Pad is lucky because it doesn’t just have a spacious front porch that invites someone to enjoy a glass of tea and watch the sun set (or the cows in the field across the street!), but it also has a spacious covered patio in the back. Again, it’s really just a cement slab. It needed staging as well. Again, I used some old planters and scoured the plant section at Lowe’s.


I stole this metal planter staircase from my parents several years ago. I love it. I used mismatched planters and planted several flowering plants. I purposely chose the potato vine because it eventually trails down which I love.


Here’s a tip: Check out the clearance section in the plant aisle. This entire pot cost less than $2! I love anything clearance…plants included.


Aside from an American flag, hanging baskets are my favorite way to create charm on the outside. I found hanging baskets with bright purple petunias to match the purple patio cushions.

Don’t forget, stage your exterior! Create as many livable spaces for your potential buyers. It turns just another house on the market into their new home!


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