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DIY Fake Butcher Block Countertop

I have said it numerous times, the sunroom in the Bachelorette Pad is such an inviting space. I think it will be a selling point. Unfortunately, in its original state it was NOT a selling point. One of the awkward things about the sunroom was that it had a built-in brick planter…full of dirt. I believe the previous owners actually used it to plant flowers and such indoors.


I decided I wanted a butcher block style countertop over the brick planter. By creating a countertop, it makes the awkward planter a functional asset in the room. It also allows an eating or decorating place. I knew I wanted the board to be extremely thick and one solid piece. I scoured the lumber aisle at Lowe’s and found an extremely heavy board. It was too long, but Lowe’s cut it for me. I needed it to be just over 10′ long and at least 12″ in depth.


I placed the (heavy) board over the top of the planter and then used Liquid Nails on top of the bricks to attach the board. Once I had plenty of Liquid Nails on the bricks, I used heavy rocks and bricks to weight it down. I left it overnight to dry. The next morning, I used leftover stain from my DIY shutters to stain the board. Once it was dry, I added a coat of Polyurethane. (Note: Lowe’s actually carries a butcher block stain, but I prefer to use leftover stain to reduce cost).


I instantly loved the addition. When I was selecting the board, I chose one with several knots and “imperfections.” I knew the stain would highlight those. After the stain & Polyurethane dried, I began staging. I only used items I already had to stage the countertop.


I used my jar beverage dispenser and Mason jar mugs to display. Since it’s a hot Arkansas summer, I wanted my potential buyers to imagine sitting in their sunroom, drinking ice cold tea. I also used a vintage inspired fan in one corner and several vintage jars and coke bottle carrier to display on the other end.


With the brand new, double-hung windows, vinyl patio sliding door, and my $50 DIY floor, this space has been transformed that any family would love! I am so happy with the result, especially since my DIY countertop cost less than $30!



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