Flip #2

The Succulent Trend

If you’ve been on Pinterest for more than five minutes, you’ve must have noticed the succulent trend. I keep hearing over and over that they are indestructible, easy, low-maintenance. I admit, I have a black thumb. I can’t keep plants alive to save my life. So when I hear that you can’t kill a plant,… Continue reading The Succulent Trend

DIY Projects · Flip #2

DIY Postcard or Christmas Card Display

I found this enormous raw wood frame at a thrift store for $2. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I knew it had potential. It was in great condition and had never been painted or stained. After perusing Pinterest and my own creativity, I came up with a… Continue reading DIY Postcard or Christmas Card Display

Flip #2

Curb Appeal Continued: Staging the Exterior

I have done several posts regarding curb appeal, and I’ve done a post regarding staging an interior of a house. Today, I’m combining those two things with tips for staging the exterior. I would venture to say most people don’t even consider staging the exterior; however, the exterior can be an extended living space but… Continue reading Curb Appeal Continued: Staging the Exterior