DIY Projects · Flip #2

DIY Cedar Shutters

My posts about curb appeal continue with the DIY shutters I made for the Bachelorette Pad. This 1970s ranch style home had blonde brick exterior. It was extremely blah and lacked character on the exterior. Even though I had created tons of character on the interior, I kept thinking I needed to transfer that character on the exterior as well. I think an easy way to do that is with shutters. While Lowe’s and other home improvement stores sell plastic shutters, I didn’t want white or black (all that was in stock at Lowe’s) and I didn’t love the style. As a last-minute project, I decided to create my shutters.


I don’t owe a saw, so I had a little hiccup in creating the shutters. But then I remembered, Lowe’s will cut the wood for free. So I began by measuring the length of my windows. I decided I wanted the shutters to go to the top of my window line to the bottom. I took those measurements with me to Lowe’s and perused the lumber aisle. I decided on cedar since it’s a hardwood and durable in the elements. I actually picked out the 16′ boards because I was able to get more boards out of that one long cedar board. I gave the Lowe’s guy my measurements and the number I needed, and within 15 minutes, I had all my boards cut. My next project was to stain them. I had some leftover cherry stain that I used. I did two-three coats of stain and then added a polyurethane seal. By the end of the day, I was ready to assemble the shutters.


Before I left Lowe’s, I stopped by the hardware aisle. Another Lowe’s guy helped me pick out the right screws to assemble the shutters. I also picked up masonry screws to attach the shutters to the brick exterior. I placed three boards side-by-side and then used a wood clamp to keep them together. I then placed the small “connector” board on top of the three boards. I measured 5″ from the edge on the top and bottom and then screwed three holes into the bottom boards.


This project was a day project and cost less than $100. It created a cozy feeling to the exterior. I chose to only put shutters on the front exterior since I have so many windows in this house.


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