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Curb Appeal Continued: DIY Patriotic Grapevine Wreath

As part of my series on creating curb appeal, I mentioned how important it was to have a wreath on a door. It gives a sign of a welcoming home. I would also add that those wreaths should be themed with the season and any upcoming holidays. When I bought the Bachelorette Pad the front door was dark, dirty, and certainly not welcoming.


After painting my front door, I recently created a DIY Patriotic Grapevine wreath for less than $5. I bought the hideous wreath for 50 cents at a flea market. It was awful.


I removed all of the faded, ugly Fall decor. I trimmed some stray branches. Then I used some bright red spray paint and painted two or three coats of paint all over the wreath. Since the wreath is dark, it wouldn’t hurt to use a white primer before. I opted not to use a primer because I’m lazy.


I found those sparkly white floral accents at Hobby Lobby and thought they looked like fireworks. I actually purchased them several months ago for another project, and they’ve been sitting in my craft closet ever since. I used some leftover chevron burlap ribbon (using this method to tie a bow). I also used some leftover craft twine and The Nester’s method of wreath hanging. I inserted some cheap American flags and ta-da, I have a patriotic wreath using mostly leftover materials.


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