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Curb Appeal Continued: Flower beds

My last post and next couple posts will focus on curb appeal. I can’t stress enough how important curb appeal is to the successful sale of a home. Curb appeal is what draws potential buyers in to see all of the transformations in the interior. I provided several key ideas to helping with curb appeal in my last post, and one of the items I listed was mulching the flower beds. Even if you currently have mulch in your flower beds, you need fresh, vibrantly colored mulch. Mulch that has been in the beds for the last year or more has faded and no longer provides a clean look. Begin my completely removing the old mulch. My current house had lots of lava and pebble rocks. I shoveled as much out as possible, but then I just covered over the rest.


Here is my best tip regarding mulch. Unless you have a tiny, miniscule flower bed, do NOT buy mulch in bags from Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. Did you know you can buy wholesale mulch for a fraction of the cost? Starting by doing a Google search for wholesale mulch farms in your area. I am fortunate that a mulch farm is a mile from the Bachelorette Pad. These wholesale mulch farms are where landscapers purchase mulch and then charge a lot more when they sell it to you.


Mulch farms have a variety of woods to choose from. See that red mulch in the far corner? I wanted that, but it was the most expensive. I spoke with the owner and explained that I was doing a house flip, and I didn’t need the most expensive. Actually, I wanted the cheapest. And I hit the jackpot! Every night the owner “sweeps” the lot of the excess mulch that has dropped throughout the day. He had accumulated quite the pile of mulch that was a mixture of all the wood mulch. Since it was a variety of mulch, he significantly cut the cost. Mulch farms do not usually charge by weight. Instead, they charge by scoop (a large tractor scoop).


I ended up buying six and half scoops (an entire trailer full) for LESS THAN $30. Even though this is stating the obvious, that’s an amazing deal. That was more than enough mulch for the yard.

I began mulching the existing flower beds since there was a designated space already. I did extend the depth of the existing flower beds a little to make them larger. I also found several landscaping rocks throughout my property over the last year, and I strategically placed them on top of the mulch to add more depth and visual appeal. If you aren’t lucky enough to have landscaping rocks around your property, they can be purchased at rock farms or landscaping companies.


The right of the garage door was just a major eye sore. There was a beautiful dahlia plant and a greenery shrub. Unfortunately, it was intertwined with weeds, rotted lumber, and had no visual appeal. Before I began mulching, I carefully cleared out everything but the greenery shrub and dahlia plant. I placed window screen netting (my neighbor was throwing it away) on top of the dirt to act as a weird barrier. After I had that cut to size, I added several shovels full of mulch. I used four or five landscape rocks to create a path to the fence gate. I love how this little landscape nook turned out.


The front corner of the property had a very large, overgrown shrub (which was really five shrubs, roses, plants, and trees all grown into a massive eyesore). Dad and I spent an entire afternoon cutting and removing all of that mess. Just with the removal of the mess, the property already looked so much better.


After we removed the mess, we discovered a large landscape ring. While it’s not my style, I thought I could use it to add some curb appeal. I gave it a coat of black spray paint since it showed signs of wear. I then purchased a flower hanging basket at Lowe’s. I also sprayed TONS of weed killer in the dirt area where no grass could grow because of the large shrub mess. I decided to turn this into a large mulch bed since there wasn’t any grass.



I had neighbors stop and thank me for cutting down that shrub mess. Not only was it ugly, it had been obstructing traffic view.


In addition to mulching the entire property, my dad and I cut down several shrubs, sapplings, and bushes to help open up the view of the house.



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