Flip #2

Unexpected Design

While contemplating a difficult design situation at the Bachelorette Pad, my mom said I’d probably end up doing something unexpected because that’s what I do. That’s so true, and I think that’s why I love my design style. I like to think outside-of-the-box. I have been finishing a lot of last-minute staging projects since the house is so close to going on the market. While I’ve been finishing the projects, I’ve discovered just how right Mom is about my unexpected style.


I absolutely love apothecary jars. I don’t love the insane price some stores charge, so all of mine have been collected at various thrift stores. My two largest apothecary jars are in display in the entry way. I love using coffee beans in decor. It can help a room smell amazing, but I also love the texture they add to a space. I bought a cheap bag of beans and added a faux starfish. Those two things do not go together, but I love the textures. I also included clam shells from my beach scouring in Sanibel Island.


There’s something about distressed wood frames that I love. Maybe it’s because Pinterest has so many ideas, but I think they have so much potential. With a fresh coat of paint, they can have a whole new life. I recently hit up an amazing estate sale and found several wooden frames for $1. This one is distressed and the wood grains are showing. I love it. I added one of my many wreaths (seriously, my garage is lined with wreaths for projects) and called it art. It’s simple and an exterior wreath normally doesn’t go inside, let alone in a bathroom, but I love it. There are a million more ideas for decorating with frames, and one of my favorite designers recently did a post about them. You can find her inspiring blog here.


I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it! It took me a long time to find a wine chiller, but I finally found this beauty for $15 on a yard sale site. I snatched it up. Unfortunately, my cabinets are too low for it to full fit, but I have it sitting off to the side under a window. I love using it as a utensil holder. It takes something mundane and necessary in a kitchen and displays them in an unexpected artistic way.


For the past six months, my TV has been sitting on the floor because I didn’t have a TV stand. I knew I wanted something unique. I scoured estate sales, Craig’s List, thrift stores, and just about anywhere for months. This last weekend I was out of time since the house is about to go on the market. My mom reminded me of one of favorite furniture thrift stores, and I walked in and saw this antique sewing machine table…for less than $30. It was already shabby chic, and I knew it would fit perfectly with my decor. Typically a sewing machine table wouldn’t be considered a TV stand, but I love the design on the doors (and really love the price!). It’s unexpected but it totally works.


I found this retro record player table on a yard sale site for $20. I love most things retro design (especially when paired with modern accents). Obviously I had no intentions of using it as a record player holder, but I knew it would make a great end table. It really works well in the guest room space, and I love giving it a new use outside of its original design.


After my custom Pinterest-inspired cabinet was completed, I knew I wanted to incorporate a unique “drawer.” I found these two vintage locker baskets on eBay for less than $40. I love that they are distressed, unique to the space, and yet functional.

My favorite thing is finding something ugly and redoing it, but my next favorite thing is finding unique and new uses for something. I love incorporating unexpected elements into any space. It personalizes it and creates appeal.


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