Flip #2

Guest Room Staging

The office room and now the guest bedroom are officially staged and ready for listing photos! That is exciting! If you recall, the bedroom went through a dramatic transformation with the removal of paneling and texturing of the sheetrock. Once all of that was done and the walls were painted, it was time to decorate the space- my favorite part!


Since the Bachelorette Pad is a vintage 1974 home, I have been mixing modern and contemporary furnishings with retro accents as well. I love the recent revival of retro yellow in decor, so I decided to use that as my bold accent color and pair it with contemporary calmer colors. Almost as soon as I closed on the house, I found a bed-in-a-bag on sale at Sears that I loved. For less than $50, the bedspread, sheets, dust ruffle, pillow cases, and shams were all included. I decided to use the comforter as an accent rather than just spread it across the bed like normal. Since it has a bold pattern, I thought it needed some solid color to tone it down.


Even before I bought the bedding, I found a bed frame at a thrift store for $10. It was old and needed some TLC, but I knew it had potential. During a humid morning here in Arkansas, I sanded it down and sprayed several coats of white paint. By lunch, it was dry and ready to be moved into the bedroom. Since I used leftover paint, the bed frame had a total cost of $10.


I found sheer curtains (with a modern twist) at TJ Maxx. They actually cost almost as much as the bedding, but I loved them so much. They were neutral, and I love how the wall color shows through the sheer pattern.


My favorite find has been sitting in my closet for over a year. I found two chiffon drum shades on the clearance aisle at a thrift store in Sanibel, Florida for $6 for both. Since I flew down there, my aunt and uncle hauled them all the way back to Arkansas in their car for me. Not long after I returned to Arkansas, I found this unique lamp base on Craig’s List for $5, so the entire lamp cost $8. I love really cheap, cool pieces…especially when they match my decor!


I added more retro accents. I used a retro bedspread from my parents to cover the bed and added a retro magazine holder and retro record table to the room. All of the decor (bed, bedding, table, DIY artwork, and lamp) all cost less than $100.

Now I need to get those listing photos taken of this room!


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