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The $5 and Five-Minute Mud Room Creation

I have mentioned several times that my laundry room is enormous. There isn’t a woman shopping for a house that won’t love that space. However, some of the extra room was awkward and wasted, and it drove me nuts. I like to stage every inch of a house to maximize its potential.


The room has undergone a dramatic face lift. I love the space now except for the awkward space under the cabinets. I knew I wanted to create a mudroom, and I had grand dreams thanks to Pinterest. But anyone that knows me knows that I hate to spend money, so I had to get super creative. After scouring Pinterest and the aisles of several stores, I finally discovered a $5 and five minute mud room creation.


I found hooks at Walmart for $2.50 each. I snatched up two of those. As you can see, I kept the paneling in the room but painted it. By creating a mud room area, I can disguise the fact that the paneling is still present. I installed the two hooks about 6″ below the cabinets, and it was extremely easy. Within five minutes, they were secured to the wall.


My uncle hand-built me that beautiful cabinet trunk for my birthday several years ago. Even though the stains are different, it fits perfectly in that space. I slid the cabinet trunk directly under the cabinets, and then I added several of my items from my closet.


For $5 and five minutes, I’m happy with the results. I think staging this area as a mud room will help the buyers realize what they can do with that extra awkward space. Plus, you can’t beat a $5 mud room!


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