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Paint Tips & Tricks

It’s no secret that a coat of paint can dramatically change a room…but I would add, it can only do that if it’s done right. I have painted several walls in my time, but due to my carpal tunnel syndrome, I will probably have to start hiring that out. But if you don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome and you plan to tackle the paint job yourself, I have two paint tips that will make the job easier and look better. In large rooms (or late nights of painting), sometimes tackling the second coat doesn’t always happen in the same setting. Instead of tossing your roller sponge away and grabbing a new one for the next painting session, just grab a Walmart bag instead.


By keeping your roller fully intact (no cleaning required), stick it in the Walmart bag and wrap the handles of the bag around the roller handle and tie a tight knot. And guess what? Tomorrow when you take the roller out of the bag, it’s ready to go. The paint on the roller will not have dried; it will be in the exact same condition as when you left it! And you don’t have to keep purchasing sponge rollers. Note: This trick works to keep the sponge wet and ready to go for an extra day and one extra use. It is not designed for multiple extended uses with the same sponge.

The next tip an ex-boyfriend taught me. After the paint has dried, and you’re ready to pull the painter’s tape (sidenote: only use the green Frog Tape), don’t pull it without a box cutter. A simple (but sharp) box cutter keeps those lines clean instead of allowing bleeding or pulled paint.


I hope these tips help to ease your painting experiences!


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