Flip #2

Guest Bedroom COMPLETED!

I said in the last post that once one room gets finished it’s like a domino effect for the other rooms. Well, now that the office room is done and staged, it was time to focus on the guest bedroom. The back story of the guest bedroom involved one of my colossal mistakes  that led to removal of the real wood paneling. If you recall, I kept the real wood paneling in the office room. Because of my failed DIY project, I had no choice but to remove the paneling.


The problem with removing the paneling is that it left the unfinished sheetrock beneath the paneling. Typical finished drywall is 1/2″ but what was beneath the paneling was 1/4″. I fretted and planned for months on how to fix this room. It set untouched for that entire time. Then the heavens parted, and I discovered a GREAT contractor that was able to keep the existing 1/4″ sheetrock, re-mud it, and add texture. I was just plum giddy about that because the dated paneling was removed and buyers are going to think they’re looking at new sheetrock.


He was able to do the mudding and texture over a two day period. I painted the next day and nailed all the trim (which sucked). Within 72 hours, this room went through a dramatic transformation. It looks like a new construction room now (or, at least, I hope my buyers think that).


Now I’d like to tell you that the whole process was easy, but that has NOT been the theme of this house. Instead, Murphy’s Law has been the theme on this property. I had most of a five gallon bucket of Valspar’s Polished Silver, and I thought that was more than enough. Well, I thought wrong. The texture is an extra heavy orange peel, and the sheetrock just drank up all that paint.


I used all that paint and had a small section of a wall left. I wasn’t too concerned because I would just go buy more at Lowe’s. That seemed simple enough. I purchased a small quart of Polished Silver to finish that section. Life seemed great at that point…until I checked back later. The new paint and old paint did not match up at all. Luckily, Lowe’s is right down the street, so I quickly took some photos and went straight to Lowe’s. Their initial reply was that paint was not refundable, but I pled my case. The store manager took pity on me, and by the end of the trip, they had given me FREE primer and a gallon of paint.


I actually ended up loving the new color so much more than Polished Silver. The new color is Valspar’s Montpelier Ashlar Gray. It reminds me of my staple, Rockport Gray, but a lighter version. It’s a great neutral for flips without being too beige.


By the time I finished the painting, nailed the trim, painted the outlet covers, and polished the trim and doors, I fell in love with the room! It looks so modern and clean. I’m really happy with it. Really, the only new thing added to this room was the fan. The same carpet, trim, doors, and even sheetrock were re-used. The paint and texture just made a dramatic impact.


Of the two extra bedrooms, this is the large room. I chose the smaller room to stage as the office. That’s part deceptive design. By staging as an office, I don’t have a bed in there that would showcase it’s smaller. I chose the largest room to stage as the bedroom because of deceptive design.


When painting textured walls, most people typically just choose semi-gloss without a thought. I think the heavier the texture, the less gloss is needed. I chose a satin finish, and I loved it. I rarely use a flat finish, but I’m loving satin finish on this heavy orange peel.


I plan on using some thrifted items to stage this room with some bright color. I also plan to showcase that big (new, expensive) window with some drapes. By the time this room is staged, it’ll be hard to believe it’s a 1974 constructed room.


I strongly considered painting the trim white. I love white trim, but the budget vetoed that. I was concerned it would look terrible, but after I dusted and heavily polished the existing wood, I think it looks great. I’m happy with the result.



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