Flip #2

Staging an Office Room

Good, no, GREAT news! The first room in the Bachelorette Pad is entirely complete! It has been painted and staged, and it’s ready for a listing photo! In my experience, once the first room is done, it becomes a domino effect with the rest of the rooms. We are on the home stretch of getting this place done. I’ve had some unfortunate (expensive) delays, but the light is shining at the end of the tunnel…finally. The house is a 3/2 split, so I like to stage the 3rd bedroom as an office. The changes to the office bedroom were extremely small, but highly signficant. The entire room was covered in real wood paneling. Most paneling in houses is laminate paneling. The primary difference (headache) with real wood paneling is that it splinters, and it has knots/holes from the real wood. All of that, of course, could add character to the right buyer. Unfortunately, the paneling was extremely dark, and the previous owners had frames hanging in spots for decades so there were faded sun spots. That meant the paneling absolutely had to either be removed or painted. The cheapest of those options is to paint, so obviously I chose that.


The thing I hate about painting paneling is that it has grooves. Those grooves are a huge headache to paint. I began by priming and then painted the next day. Painting paneling is like trimming a room on steroids. You have to trim every knot and groove with a brush before you can roll it. I have sworn to NEVER paint paneling again. Typically I am not a beige person. I know that in mass house-flipping beige is the way to go, but I like a bit more color in my flips. But, when your dad offers you five gallons of beige from one of his investment properties, you take it because it’s free. You don’t have to love it, you just have to love the price.


I bought highly inexpensive curtain rods at Walmart, as well as the curtains. Again, I’m not a fan of sheer panels either, but since they were $5 each, I loved the price. Since this room has two windows, I’d need four panels. Since I was buying panels just for flipping, I wanted them to be extremely inexpensive. And that, folks, is the extent of the change in the office room. Paint and panels (well, a new fan too). Pretty easy and cheap- my favorite kind of transformation!


Even though I’m not a beige fan, I think the leftover beige works for this room. I kept the brown trim, though. I decided to decorate with all my Razorback stuff, so let’s hope an LSU fan doesn’t buy it!


My favorite piece of furniture is my bookshelf. My grandpa built it for my grandma out of scrap wood for her flour and spices.




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