DIY Projects · Flip #2

Creating $1 Artwork

I mentioned in my previous post that I believe staging can be done with a very, very small budget. Staging is not just specific to furniture, but I believe artwork and things on the walls help to highlight a space. As with each flip, by the time I get to the staging, most (if not all) of my budget is gone. I don’t hire professional stagers–I do it all myself with practically no money. As I have been staging the master bedroom, I’ve been looking for some artwork to make the space look modern (especially since I kept the wood panels and painted them). Thanks to Pinterest (seriously, it saves my house-flipping life every time), I discovered a craft project using supplies I already had on hand.


Using a frame (with some really bizarre/ugly print) that I purchased at a thrift store for $1 and an old map that has been in the backseat of my car for no less than five years, I created some unique artwork. Another plus to this project, was that the primary colors in the map are blue and tan which is the color scheme of the master bedroom. I used a regular sheet of white printer paper and cut out the size I wanted the map art to be. I then took the cut printer paper and laid it on top of the area of the map I wanted to display. I then lightly traced the edges of the printer paper and then cut it out. The last step was to use a glue stick to adhere the map to the matting.


The craft project took less than five minutes and only $1 out of my bank account. I love the accent of the metal frame and how it corresponds with the handles on my thrifty end table.



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