Flip #2

The Miracle of Curtains

I love curtains. I don’t think any window should be without some sort of window treatment. Staging101 in house-flipping is to add character and charm without being too bold in the design. I think curtains are a very inexpensive way to add charm to a room, while also highlighting windows. If you recall, my sunroom has plenty of windows. I absolutely believe that is a selling point. I could have left my brand new (expensive) windows on display without any window treatments, but I think that would have been a disservice to the room.


The room had so much potential even in the original state. I started with replacing those awful windows (that weren’t even functional). Let me just say, windows aren’t cheap. There’s no way around it, they’re going to cost thousands; however, brand new, energy-efficient windows is a big selling point. So I bit the bullet, put brand new windows in the entire room.


And for the next several months, the sunroom turned into my workroom and storage unit. It was neglected until I attempted my floor makeover. Once the floor was made over, it gave me inspiration to finish the rest of the room. From a design standpoint, I had very little plans. I wanted to really showcase the windows, so I knew I wanted to “frame” the windows with curtains to get prospective buyers’ attention. Luckily, as I was scouring the sale section in Sears, I found the perfect curtains. They are a muted teal with sunblocking liner. I snatched them all up.


I scoured Pinterest for months to determine the best way to hang the curtains. I did not want to use a typical curtain rod because, as with the dining room, I had no plans for the curtains to actually be functional. I just wanted to create the appearance of functional curtains. I planned on using the cabinet-pull method, but as I was shopping in Walmart, I discovered tiny bistro curtain rods for $3. I knew they were the perfect size, and I loved the price. I also picked up several packages of curtain rings. Hanging the rods was extremely easy. The package comes with brackets and screws, and I had each one hung in less than five minutes. Then I took each curtain and added the rings and hung them on the bistro rods. Prior to hanging the curtains, I was nervous the bistro rod wouldn’t hold the weight of a normal curtain, but it did.



I also bought a large indoor plant (to cover some ugly brick/wood) which is proving to be more high-maintenace than I appreciate. I also moved my antique teal dresser to the sunroom, and I have plans to turn that into a potting table. I also kept the hot tub, and I added a makeshift TV stand beside it.


Now that I’ve hung the curtains, I love the look of the sunroom. I kept it all extremely neutral, but I added bold accents. I also love this method to hang curtains because my new windows aren’t hidden behind the curtains. I have one more Pinteresty project left (on the other end of the sunroom) and new light fixtures, and then it will be totally complete!




7 thoughts on “The Miracle of Curtains

    1. It was a staged photo for pics! No outlet there but one could be added to a TV mount by the hot tub. Just a photo prop here though, so no worries!

  1. I always have a problem picking colors to match my family room which is kinda like an eggplant color.any thoughts ideas would be great thanks.

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