Flip #2

My Almost Free Bathroom Transformation

This Bachelorette Pad comes with 2 1/4 bathrooms. The 1/4 bathroom is really just a toilet closet off the laundry room/kitchen, but it’s also right by the exit to the sunroom and hot tub. It’s definitely an asset. If you’re lounging in the hot tub, you only have to take maybe 10 steps to the bathroom instead of walking through the entire house to the main bathroom. Like everything else in this house, it had ugly wallpaper. This house was cursed with awful wallpaper!


In addition to the ugly wallpaper, it also had ugly linoleum flooring. All in all, it was a purely cosmetic transformation though. Since the bathroom/laundry is off the kitchen, the floor was changed to new tile when I changed the flooring in the kitchen. Also, the toilet “closet” had an exterior window even though the sunroom is on the other side of the window. I believe the sunroom was an addition, so that window was the exterior window at some point. Since I replaced all the windows in the house, that window was also changed.  Those were the only two big expenses in this bathroom but I don’t consider them part of the bathroom budget…just the collateral benefits of bigger projects.



As for actual designated out-of-pocket expenses for this bathroom, I spent $15 for the toilet paper holder. Everything else did not cost me anything because they were leftovers or reused materials. I used some leftover white spray paint to paint the original outlet covers.


Once I peeled off all that ugly wallpaper (which, unfortunately, was not an easy process), I used some leftover orange peel texture spray (from Bachelorette Pad #1) to create some depth on the walls. I also had leftover paint from Bachelorette Pad #1, and I had just enough to paint the entire closet. The color is Valspar’s Weeping Willow. I found an old, ugly frame I picked up at a thrift store and used some leftover gray spray paint to give it some new life. I also hung an art print I’ve had forever & used a small basket to hold TP paper.


For a cost of $15, my almost free bathroom looks completely different…Definitely not quite as retro!



4 thoughts on “My Almost Free Bathroom Transformation

  1. Each time I see another of the electrical covers you’ve painted, I cringe. They are screaming I’m left over from the 1960’s Early American décor. I’m also thankful for the electrical plug cover I saw you use during your first flip. If I can find them, they will save me bunches of money and time. I dislike my home’s almond/off-white outlets.

    1. I absolutely loved those electrical switches because they aren’t plastic, dime-a-dozen, not to mention, they provide character. The electrical plug cover can be purchased at Lowe’s.

  2. I like your almost free bathroom transformation. I don’t know what kind of window covering you are going to use, but I think you could use another picture or poster on the wall facing the window. And in the toilet paper basket, I would definitely add a bottle of hand sanitizer. The closet may be small, but as Charmin ads with the Bears say, “Enjoy the go!”

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