Flip #2

Master Bathroom Color

My firm philosophy in house flipping is that bathrooms and kitchens sell a house. Of course, those were the two worst rooms in the Bachelorette Pad. I’ve been working hard on the master bathroom. After the DIY vanity (which still needs some trim), I painted both cabinets a stark white. I used chrome accents to add a modern feel to this 1970s home. My next step was to paint the walls. Honestly, it’s such a small room, so I just used leftover paint.


All that ugly green stain on the cabinets just reeked retro design, and that awful pea green marble was just a huge disaster. Luckily, the bathroom has come a LONG way since then!


I scoured my garage for some leftover paint. I found a partial can of Valspar’s Sea Sprite. It was just enough to cover the small area. When I removed the (ugly) wallpaper from the walls, I discovered the sheetrock was not textured. I was really dreading having to texture those walls. Fortunately, I didn’t have to. I used a very thick sponge roller to apply Killz primer. Once it dried, it had an almost orange-peel texture, so I just painted over that.


The Sea Sprite is a bluish-green and really lightens up the space.Since there is virtually no natural light in the room, I wanted it to be extremely light & airy. It almost has a beach feel to it. The only dark aspect that I added was the charcoal plank tile (which I love!).


I love all that crisp white against the Sea Sprite. It looks bolder and brighter in the pic than in reality. It’s actually a bit more subtle. Not only do I love the color, I love that I didn’t have to spend anything extra out-of-pocket. I try to use leftover paint whenever I can, which is often since I have so many cans in my garage.


I still have details left in the bathroom. I need to nail the trim back, add the backsplash, hang a mirror, fix the electrical, and patch some drywall in the ceiling.


I used chrome fixtures. I found some very modern towel rods and tissue holders at Lowe’s. They were incredibly easy to install because of the most ingenuous trick: a template on the box. All I had to do was cut out the template and tape to my wall, and it told me exactly where to drill my holes. So smart!


Even though I still have several details to fix in this room, I love the dramatic transformation! And I definitely think this modern, airy bathroom will appeal to buyers a lot more than that retro bathroom!




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