Flip #2

My Almost Free Bathroom Transformation

This Bachelorette Pad comes with 2 1/4 bathrooms. The 1/4 bathroom is really just a toilet closet off the laundry room/kitchen, but it’s also right by the exit to the sunroom and hot tub. It’s definitely an asset. If you’re lounging in the hot tub, you only have to take maybe 10 steps to the… Continue reading My Almost Free Bathroom Transformation

DIY Projects · Flip #2

Pinterest-Inspired Addition to the Kitchen

The bad thing about buying a vintage house is that it comes with vintage appliances. All of them were quickly replaced with stainless steel…except for one odd appliance. That ugly harvest gold trash compactor was removed with no intentions of replacing it. In my opinion, trash compactors are becoming dated, so purchasing a new one… Continue reading Pinterest-Inspired Addition to the Kitchen

Flip #2

Master Bathroom Color

My firm philosophy in house flipping is that bathrooms and kitchens sell a house. Of course, those were the two worst rooms in the Bachelorette Pad. I’ve been working hard on the master bathroom. After the DIY vanity (which still needs some trim), I painted both cabinets a stark white. I used chrome accents to… Continue reading Master Bathroom Color