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My $50 floor

One of the extra perks of the Bachelorette pad is the sunroom. It was in rough shape, but it has potential. The flooring was dated, just like everything else in this house. I scoured local stores looking at patio carpet samples, tile samples, and laminate samples, but I was not liking anything that was in my budget. The estimated cost to redo my floor was anywhere from $300-$500. I had practically no money left for the floor, but I knew it needed something different. And that’s where Pinterest saved the day…and my budget.

The day I closed on the Bachelorette Pad, the sunroom looked like this. Take note that there is ugly, dated sheet vinyl and indoor/outdoor carpet (not even glued down).


After scouring Pinterest for several hours, I discovered a blog that saved my house-flipping life. A lady painted her ugly linoleum. PAINTED it. Who knew? Unlike her vinyl, mine was not in great shape. It had some scuffs and holes. I was highly, highly skeptical that it was going to work, but I wanted to give it a try before shelling out over $300 on a new floor. I began by cleaning the floor well. I actually hand mopped the floor (it was as awful as it sounds). After I did that, I used caulk to fill in the holes and scuff. Once it dried, I sanded the caulk and mopped again.


After I had the floor prepped, I used Kilz oil-based primer. I’ve said it before, but it is well worth the extra dollar to buy the odor-free Kilz.  Painting the floor was a really fast process, and then I opened all the windows and drying was equally as fast. I debated on using a really bold (but light) color or going with my staple. I chose my staple. Rockport Gray. It’s my favorite color to use in a flip because it’s modern but very neutral.


Here’s where my opinion differs from a lot of what I read on DIY blogs. I chose oil-based paint instead of water based. In my experience, anything oil based always sticks better. Valspar creates a Porch Paint in oil based. It’s important to purchase porch paint and not regular wall paint. With the primer and the porch paint, the cost was about $50.


My vinyl had a unique pattern to it which showed through after painting. I actually like the pattern because it gives it some depth. I painted two coats of the Rockport Gray porch paint. I used a hand brush to trim along the brick and a regular roller and regular sponge to roll the floor. Again, the painting was so fast. The drying was not. I hadn’t read the drying time directions prior to painting. Porch paint does NOT dry quickly. Allow at least 48 hours before it’s dry. That means no walking, no repainting, no anything on those floors for 48 hours.


 The edges have not been trimmed in this photo.

Since the walls and floor are somewhat monochromatic, I plan to use very, very bold colors in the accents and decor. But since not everyone is into bold colors, I wanted to leave a neutral blank slate for the next buyer.


 The trim had not been painted in this pic either.

With the excessive drying time, this is not a project that could be completed over a weekend, but the priming and first coat could definitely be done as a weekend project. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new floors, $50 will give you an updated floor that brings new life to a room. Porch paint can be used inside or outside. However, it’s REALLY important to use in a ventilated area (bring in fans if you’re working inside). The smell is VERY strong. Luckily, my sunroom has several windows to help to alleviate the odor, but it’s extremely strong.


I’m really, really happy with the result. I’m glad I tried this $50 project before shelling out hundreds. I was doubtful and most people told me it wouldn’t work, but I’m glad I didn’t listen to myself or them. I’m highly satisfied with the result.


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    1. I have never painted a counter top, actually. I think, however, rather than using porch paint, I would use one of the countertop painting kits they sell at Lowe’s or HD.

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