Flip #2

The Remodeled (Upgraded) Kitchen

In a matter of a few months, the kitchen took a trip from the past to the present. It was a lot of hard work, a lot of curse words, but, luckily, not a crazy amount of money. Kitchens and baths sell a house, so I definitely didn’t want any of the original disco era kitchen showing through.


I know, the kitchen was BAD. Really bad. It really had no redeeming qualities. I had my work more than cut out for me. I know that vintage is in, but this kitchen was just BAD vintage. I did all of the demo myself, which was quite fun.


I replaced the countertops, added new tile flooring, installed DIY backsplash, purchased new stainless steel appliances, replaced the vintage sink, installed new light fixtures, painted the walls, and added new cabinet hardware. Several months later, and the kitchen looks so much better!


I kept the cabinets the original color but chose $2 chrome bar pulls which are modern and sleek. I chose laminate Calcutta Marble countertops and tile that mimicked the countertop pattern. Image

I scored all of the stainless steel appliances on sale, so I was able to save some money. The DIY backsplash was also extremely inexpensive but a definite improvement over the previous ugly laminate.


I still have one more custom, Pinterest-inspired project left for the kitchen. And then I can officially say it’s all done!


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