DIY Projects · Flip #2

Custom Room Dividers

Remember the cage? Yeah, that ugly, claustrophobic thing that was serving as a room divider between the living room, entry way, and dining. I get it. It’s a huge space and, technically, three rooms in one. Staging can be confusing, but a cage, really? I thoroughly enjoyed destroying that thing.


After I destroyed the cage, I suddenly realized I was going to have to replace it with a less obvious room divider. The space is just too large to not have some obvious room designations. I’m not a fan of just relying on light fixtures to designate a space. I scoured every flea market and Craig’s List posting to find some unique cabinets I could alter for built-ins. Unfortunately, I never found what I was looking for there, so I knew I needed some custom cabinets. It was then that this idea lead to the BIGGEST disaster of the Bachelorette Pad. After the contractor I hired to build the cabinets completely destroyed my house, I spent several months in the rebuilding stage, so the room dividers took a back seat. After getting the space ready for those custom dividers, I hired another (honest) contractor to build the dividers. Between Pinterest ideas, and his and my experience, we collaborated to create the perfect addition to the space.

For the entry way, it started out dark, dated, and claustrophobic. It was entirely too vintage for me.


The walls and floors were ripped out for me by the contractor that destroyed everything. I ripped out the cage, and I painted the door. We added new floors and sheetrock, and the entry way was already looking drastically different, even without the room dividers.


The space between the living room and dining room was equally as overwhelming with lots of extra space. While large rooms are a selling point, excess (unusable) space is not. I didn’t want the unusable space to be so obvious.


The contractor built the frames at his house and then constructed the rest here. It was actually pretty fun watching him create the entire thing.


It took him most of the day to finish up both custom room dividers. We saved money by using MDF  as the bottom base & added batten on top of the MDF. I plan to paint them a crisp white.


Now that he has finished both of them, I have to sand them, caulk them, and fill in some nail holes with wood putty. After that, I’ll be ready to paint. I really like how the dividers enhance the space.




I think it’s a definite improvement over that dated, ugly cage! I’m ready to see them painted!


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