Flip #2

New Sliding Glass Door

The original “sliding” glass doors leading to the backyard was extremely problematic for numerous reasons. Primarily, it didn’t actually slide. Secondly, it did not lock. Finally, it was a complete eyesore and was not energy-efficient. Sliding glass doors are surprisingly inexpensive (under $300), so replacing them can be a cheap fix. As with everything in this flip, I’ve been cursed with bad luck. I hired a contractor to replace the door, and he was a no-show. Fortunately, a friend recommended a contractor that I actually like and trust. After evaluating the current sliding door, we realized it was not going to be as easy as most doors (again, the luck of this flip).



After we figured out how to solve some of the problems, the installation process was pretty easy. The new door matches the new windows and they framed it with new cedar. Energy efficient windows are a great selling point, and every window and door has been replaced in this house. Considering the spastic winter we have had, this greatly helps with energy costs. As for the final product, I’m really happy with the new door…especially since it actually slides and locks now!


As with most other leftovers, I posted a free ad online and the old door was picked up by its new owners within a couple of hours. What did we used to do before the Internet? The sunroom still needs LOTS of TLC, but at least the french doors and sliding doors, as well as the windows are now done!



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