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Making Ugly Wallpaper Disappear

That ugly, dated, retro, unique wallpaper that plagued the entire house is slowing (but eventually) disappearing! Of course, the ideal solution is to just remove the wallpaper altogether, which I have done in the majority of the rooms. The kitchen, however, had just a small portion wallpapered (but wallpapered with loud & obnoxious retro wallpaper) and it was professionally done. I knew that removing that wallpaper would leave some visible marks on the sheetrock, and, if the other rooms are any indication, there would not be any texture beneath the wallpaper. I made the decision to keep the wallpaper and just paint over that. I usually would not recommend that at all, but the seams were so tight on the wallpaper, it was hard to distinguish where the seams overlapped which is a good thing when painting wallpaper.


ImageI began by taping off the top of the cabinets. I didn’t bother sanding prior to painting. Call me lazy. My next step: priming.


Since the kitchen wall was going to run next to the High Noon blue in the living room, I wanted a color similar in palette but not so starkly blue. The cabinets are so dark, so I want something light. I eventually chose Valspar’s Woodlawn Sterling Blue, and I love it! I brushed painted rather than using a roller. I was happy with the results. You can’t even tell it’s wallpaper.





2 thoughts on “Making Ugly Wallpaper Disappear

  1. How do you fix a section of a wall that had wallpaper on it and was painted over. My cat scratched it and took some of the wallpaper off.

    1. Yikes! It’s always been my experience that once the wallpaper is damaged, it’s not a good idea to paint it. It would probably require removing the wallpaper and then painting the walls.

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