Flip #2

Dining Room Makeover!

The first room someone sees when they enter the Bachelorette Pad is the dining room. Since that’s the first impression of the house, I want it to look modern and updated. The original dining room was far from updated, and would have sent buyers running for the hills.


The dining room had a large cage covered in wood paneling. While I understand the purpose of the cage to divide the spaces, it really constricted the size of the dining room and living room. The large open space is really three spaces: entry way, dining room, and living room. After I removed the cage, I added new floors, new sheetrock, whitewashed the fireplace, painted trim,and add new light fixtures.


Once I had all the destruction done, it was time for the construction and staging. The dining room is practically done. I have one last BIG Pinterest inspired addition, but it won’t be ready until later. The transformation in the dining room is pretty dramatic and EXTREMELY CHEAP. A part from the new sheetrock and floor, I spent $$80 on the transformation. $40 light fixture, $20 curtain rod on clearance at Lowe’s, and $20 curtain panels on clearance at T.J. Maxx.


The room looks so modern, clean, and open. Like I said, I still have one big addition to the room that will really enhance it!




With all the details and changes, the before and after of the dining room is quite dramatic!


If you’re hanging curtains, I do have a tip to share. Hang the curtain rod higher and wider than the window. I wasn’t able to hang the rod higher (I think a good 6″ or more is ideal above the window trim) because the drapes weren’t long enough. I did buy an extra long curtain rod. Again, I use the 6″ rule for adding width. By hanging the rod/curtains higher and wider, it creates an illusion for the eye. People think the windows are bigger and more dramatic.  Another tip, I prefer to use clip rings when hanging curtains. I keep all the rings except for one on the interior side of the bracket. I keep one ring on the OTHER side of the bracket (it won’t be functional because it’s at the end of the rod and next to the bracket). Again, this creates an illusion. It allows the curtain to to mask or hide the bracket so it won’t be so noticeable.



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