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Master Bedroom Paint Progress

I haven’t updated in a while because school (both teaching and grad. school) have fully consumed my time. Luckily, we’ve been snowed in for the last several days, so I have some time to update on projects around the house. If you recall, the master bedroom, like every other room in the house, was straight out of the 1970s. The wallpaper, draperies, paneling, and light fixture were just awful. I started by peeling the wallpaper. And then I kept peeling. And peeled some more. And maybe cursed a time or two, but after three months, I eventually got every minuscule piece of tacky wallpaper off the paneling.


After removing all the wallpaper, I spent several days hand-sanding every inch of the paneling. That was equally as not fun. The wallpaper left a residue on the paneling which needed to be removed prior to painting it. While I wanted to replace the paneling, the budget doesn’t allow for new sheetrock. So I’m going to make-do with the paneling that I’ve got. After I sanded all of the panels, I primed the walls. While priming is never fun, priming or painting paneling is exponentially not fun. I had to trim all of the edges and then all of the grooves in the paneling before I could actually paint the walls. It took twice as long as normal painting and priming. Luckily, I had a Stud come over and help with the awful wallpaper removal process.



I’m not a fan of living in a construction zone, but I’m pretty used to it. I lived with primed walls for a week or so before I had time to actually start the painting process. I had leftover paint from the living room, so I used that blue in the living room. The panels, trim, and doors were all stained a dark green color. I had considered not painting the trim, but after I have it painted, I know it has to be painted white to modernize the room. I’m considering hiring that done because I need it to actually look good.




Now that I have the room painted, I need to actually start on the decorating. I need drapes, bedding, lamps, etc. I did get started by finding this trashy piece for $5. It was ugly, badly damaged, and needed some TLC. I loved the shape of it though.


I removed the damaged top and sanded every inch of the table. I then filled in some holes with wood filler and sanded again.


Then I primed the table (I do a lot of priming around here). Once I got it sanded and primed, I was ready to paint. Luckily, I had some paint leftover from my kitchen cabinets at Bachelorette Pad #1. I painted several coats and let it thoroughly dry. I love how it turned out!


Total cost: $5 for the table. $0 for the paint.



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