Flip #2

Laundry Room Update

The laundry room in the Bachelorette Pad is quite spacious. I know that’ll be a selling point for potential buyers. Unfortunately, in its state the day I purchased the house, the spacious room was overshadowed by the ugly 1970s decor. The wet-top area had retro green Formica countertop with the same Formica backsplash. It also had a harvest gold sink. Above the sink was a random mirror-covered cabinet door. While the mirror might be necessary, it appeared dated. The laundry room looked like this in its original state:


I used the same countertops that I used in the kitchen to help lighten and modern the wet-top area. It was a transformation instantly! The entire room (well, the entire house) is covered in wood paneling. So when I removed the green Formica backsplash, it left wood panels exposed. I decided to just paint the wood panels in the room instead of putting up sheetrock. I had some leftover paint, so I just used that to paint the ugly panels. But that still left the backsplash area exposed and since it was a wet area, it needed something that would be water-resistant. Obviously, tile is the logical choice. In particular, I chose white subway tile. It’s cheap, modern, and looks great. While I could have probably done this project myself, my schedule is beyond booked, so I hired a local guy to do the backsplash. One thing I did learn about using subway tile is that you should use a material called Mastic.


Mastic was rather inexpensive…the bucket was a little more than $10, and I have some leftover for another project. I purchased the white glossy 3×6 subway tile form Lowe’s. They are 22 cents each and come in boxes of 100 count. After an hour or so, the tile guy had my backsplash done. It looks so great!




While I still don’t have the sink ready, and I have a few other small projects to do, there is already a big change because of that backsplash. This was the first time I’ve used subway tile, and I plan to use it a lot because of price and appearance.



2 thoughts on “Laundry Room Update

  1. I think u did a great job on the backsplash , changing out hardware great idea , luv your counters but I think u should think about painting the brown cabinets a dark Gray, it would really bring it up yo date for little cost however slot of labor in time. I think it would look fantastic like a new kitchen without the cost of new cabinets😄👍🏼

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