Flip #2

Let there be light!

One thing could be said about the light fixtures in the Bachelorette Pad: unique. And while unique can sell a house, vintage & outdated doesn’t really help. The retro floral light fixtures were in working order, but they did not enhance the modern and sleek vibe of the Bachelorette Pad. After removing them and selling them online, I hit the jackpot on the clearance aisle at Lowe’s.


When I stumbled on this gem at Lowe’s, I snatched it up. It has set in the corner of my dining room for months. I initially had a scare with the electrical situation in the dining room, and after an outrageous estimate to fix said scare, I was beginning to think this house is cursed. Luckily (or unluckily), the original guy had NO CLUE what he was talking about and the electrical situation at the Bachelorette Pad is in tip-top shape. While I am no master electrician, I do know my way around minor electrical things like hanging light fixtures. So after receiving the all-clear on my electrical situation, I started the process of installing the chandelier.


It started out easy enough. I carefully read all the directions, and began the initial installation stage; however, it wasn’t long before I hit some major speed bumps. The electrical wire was not like any electrical wire I’d ever seen. I tried to improvise and kept re-reading the directions but to no avail. It wasn’t too long before I abandoned the project at this stage:


After a few texts to my brother in-law and probably a few more curse words, I admitted defeat. This type of electrical work was beyond my pay grade. Not long after my frustrated texts, my brother in-law showed up to shed a little light on the situation (pun intended).


A couple hours & a few improvisations later, we finally had some light in the dining room. The clean and modern look looks great with the distressed and modern accents in the room. I’m really happy with the price and the product!




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