Flip #2

Laundry Room (Almost) Reveal

I love the laundry room in this house. It’s SO huge. I have a sink area, tons of storage, a toilet room, pantry, and countertops for folding laundry. The only downside (as with the rest of the house) was that it was so dark. The cabinets were dark, the walls had dark wood paneling, and the countertops were retro green and sink was retro harvest gold. The countertops were changed to a faux marble. I also selected a faux marble floor to replace the cheap sheet linoleum. While I would have loved to replace the wood paneling for sheet rock, the budget has taken a few blows and there just wasn’t money left. So I opted to paint the paneling, and I was happy with the results.

ImageWhile most people would recommend tearing up the linoleum before tiling, I had no desire to tackle that mess. Plus it has been my experience that tiling directly over linoleum is fine. I recommend sanding the linoleum prior to tiling though. As with the kitchen, I’m keeping the cabinets the way they are. I will eventually replace the hardware though.

ImageImageOne of my favorite cream-colored paints to use is Tempered Gray. It’s deceptive in that it looks creamish white in some light and creamish gray in other lights. It’s a cream with a tint of gray. Since I typically decorate with gray and use that as my base color, I like a cream that will match. The tile and countertops in the laundry room are gray & white (with a hint of brown), so I needed a cream color to lighten up the room but some a typical cream is a brown base. A brown base would clash with the countertops. That’s why I love Tempered Gray. It doesn’t clash and isn’t bold enough to scream gray.

ImageSuggestion for painting paneling: use an OIL BASED primer. Oil based will adhere to the wood and prevent peeling. I used KILZ (odor free…it cost more but it’s worth it!). I used a typical latex paint over the primer. It wouldn’t hurt to use an oil based paint on top of the primer, but it’s really only necessary for the primer.


ImageImageI still have to nail the floor trim back on the walls, and I’m considering painting the wood  trim at the ceiling and walls the Tempered Gray. I’m not sure…I’m not sure if it looks dated or bad to have the wood trim on all the edges. We’ll see… But apart from that, I’m really happy with the turn out!



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