Flip #2

Goodbye, Carport!

The Bachelorette Pad came equipped with a very dated, very ugly metal carport. Since it already had a two car garage, I did not see the need in keeping the ugly eyesore. I had planned to attempt the removal myself, but since school has started my time is severely limited. Luckily, my floor guy wanted the carport for a project at his land, so I let him have it for free if he’d just remove it. So far, I’ve had two storage sheds and a metal carport all removed for free!

ImageWith the carport, the garage door was hidden and dark. Not to mention, birds had nestled under it and the garage door is covered in bird poop. Gross and not going to help sell the house. I wanted the light to shine on the garage door and create more curb appeal by removing the carport.

ImageI was very happy with the results of the removal! I will have to add some guttering to the front of the house and then add some hardware accents to the garage door. In addition, I plan to give that filthy garage door and driveway a good power washing.



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