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Grass Seed Recommendation

The Bachelorette Pad’s exterior is a complete and total jungle. Plants are overgrown, trees have taken over, and beautiful shrubs are hidden by overgrown weeds. Much of the grass had taken a beating since the trees had taken over the yard. The grass hadn’t seen sun in ages, so much of it was dying or already dead. After the total transformation of part of the jungle, it was time to address the grass issue. There are two main options when patching a lawn: sod or grass seed. Sod is typically more expensive and labor intensive. With both Bachelorette Pads, I have chosen to plant grass seed. In particular, I swear by a particular brand.


I choose Scott’s Turf Builder Landscaper’s Mix. It’s approximately $40 per bag, but my one bag has covered two lawns so far. One thing that impresses me about this seed is how fast the grass grows. Within two weeks of planting the seed, I had a full fledge lawn (not just seedlings).  After the tree was trimmed, there was literally no grass beneath the large tree in the front yard. I used my lawn rake to “till” up the dirt (HINT: it’s easier if you till after a rain). Once I had scored the dirt really well, I grabbed handfuls of seed and generously scattered them over the dirt. After I scattered several handfuls, I walked on the dirt to compact it. After I compacted the dirt, I used my garden rake to score it again (like a mixer to mix the dirt and seed together). After my second raking, I add just a few more grass seeds…just for good measure.


This is the grass after two weeks. It was just dirt prior to planting the grass seeds, and now it’s full grass. There will probably be a few patches that got missed in the seed scattering process. If that’s the case, just follow the same directions in those patches to cover them.


One thought on “Grass Seed Recommendation

  1. can you recommend something for dog burned lawns. I have marian blue grass.
    I really appreciate it.
    Also I love your blog on how to prepare the front of your home for selling it. Great list.

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